The Kawasaki Ninja 300

090412-2013-kawasaki-ninja-300-01After the Kawasaki Ninja 250R,Kawasaki launched the all new Ninja 3oo Sports bike for the year 2013.The Ninja 300 is actually an all-new motorcycle than an update to the 250R.The biggest change between the 250R and the new Ninja 300 is the power delivery.The engine now displaces 296cc straight-twin engine versus the previous 249cc thanks to the increased stroke, and the engine is now lighter thanks to the extensive use of aluminum.

2013-kawasaki-ninja-300-photos-pictures-pics-side-shot-560x420-542013-m2_560x420The new Ninja 300 is loud and belligerent in its character unlike the sports-touring and comfort-oriented approach of the earlier Ninja 250R.The intake ports and valves have both grown in size. The redline remains the same at 13,000rpm, but now,the 300’s engine revs quicker than the 250. Power output is up to 39PS from the previous 33PS, while torque too has gone up to 27Nm from the earlier 22Nm. With the engine now rubber mounted, the ride is silky smooth. Straight line acceleration is impressive, and the 300 accelerates to 100kmph from standstill in not more than 7 seconds.

With flared bodywork & sharp edges,the aerodynamic bodywork not only helps in better top-speed gains but underneath the fairing there is a reworked radiator cowl which prevents the hot air away from reaching the rider’s legs.

The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Special Edition ABS is certainly with a huge step ahead of many of its rivals featuring a pretty futuristic style with many unique accents that underline its sporty character.

13kawasaki-ninja-300r-2On open highways,the 300 loves being pushed. With right conditions, the Ninja 300 should have no trouble in cruising at well over 100kmph all day.The new dual multi-reflector headlights are the Ninja’s race-bike design genes & provide extremely good illumination for street as well.The Ninja 300 boasts of top notch build quality and fit-finish, and is without doubt a high-end product.With a price of 3.50 ₹ (ex-showroom New Delhi)(approx 6300$)the Ninja 300 is a little expensive but it promises an amazing ride worth every penny.