Naples….Pizza,Opera Buffa & the Italy’s Bloodiest Mafia.

camorra_480_poster Naples,the third largest city in Italy,home to the famous Pizzas in the world,the very very strong Neopolitan coffee,heaven for Opera fans,the birthplace of Gelato ice cream,not to forget,the rich heritage & ancient history of this Place.No wonder Naples attracts a large number of tourists from around the Globe.

Naples today is a vibrant,booming city.With a 2011 est. GDP of US$83.6 billion,its  has the fourth-largest urban economy in Italy, after Milan, Rome and Turin. The Port of Naples is the second highest passenger flow port in the world after Hongkong.

Naples is truly an amazing city.It caters to the taste of everyone from around the world who visit it.But,just as the Historic City Centre(An UNESCO World Heritage site) in Naples is the Largest in Europe,Naples is home to the most infamous,the largest & notorious,the Italy’s bloodiest Mafia,the Camorra.

One of the Oldest & the largest criminal organizations in Italy,the Camorra.Originated in the region of Campania,its roots go far as the 18th Century.Camorra,a dreaded name synonymous with the City of Naples among the Italian Police,Camorra comprises of clans who act independently of each other, and are more prone to feuding among themselves.

camorraCamorra is said to be responsible for many deaths & destruction which are on the rise in Italy.The Camorra has proven to be an extremely difficult organization to fight within Italy.The Camorra allegedly handles the refuse disposal in the region of Campania, with disastrous results for the environment and the health of the general population. Heavy metals, industrial waste, chemicals and household garbage are frequently mixed together, then dumped near roads and burnt to avoid detection, leading to severe soil and air pollution. With the assistance of private businessmen known as “stakeholders”, the numerous Camorra clans are able to gain massive profits from under-the-table contracts with local, legitimate businesses.

Drive-by shootings by camorristi often result in casualties among the local population, but such episodes are often difficult to investigate because of widespread OmertĂ  (code of silence).The Local people of Naples live under false safety & try to protect themselves by following one principle,”See Nothing,Hear Nothing & Say Nothing”

Watch this BBC Documentary on how the Italy’s bloodiest mafia has made the life of people in Naples,a living hell;