Internet Icon Season 2 ends with Matthias as the winner…

Internet-Icon-logo-940x528Internet Icon,the online video-making talent competition which is a hit on YouTube just concluded its Season 2 with Matthias as the ”Season 2 Internet Icon”.Matthias, from Los Angeles, California, won the competition, beating the runners-up Bad Weather Films and the Kloons. As the winner, he won $10,000 in cash, a MacBook Pro, a one-year development deal with YOMYOMF, and a meeting with a Hollywood film director.

Internet Icon is a competition between groups to see who can be “the next internet icon” or be able to run their own YouTube channel while sustaining an audience.Internet Icon Season 1 was hosted by Chester See and judged mainly by Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin in season one.This year’s Internet Icon Season 2 saw Ryan Higa ,Christine Lakin & Timothy DeLaGhetto as the Judges while Chris & Nick Riedell,the Riedell brothers who won the First Season were the hosts.

Internet Icon is mainly sponsored by TruthOrange,an Anti-tobacco campaign launched by the American Legacy Foundation.Internet Icon has not only increased fame & brought in thousands of new subscribers for the Participants,it is also said to have created a new evolution of the Internet as a platform for young artists,performers & aspiring film makers.Internet Icon Season 2 was shot in the YouTube Studio,LA.

See the Grand Finale of Internet Icon Season 2 here;