Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is one of the old and largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy-related and infrastructure sector which includes Power, Railways, Telecom, Transmission and Distribution, Oil and Gas sectors and many more.

It is one of India’s nine largest Public Sector Undertakings or PSUs, known as the Navratnas or ‘the nine jewels.BHEL is the largest Engineering & Manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related infrastructure sector.Steam turbine,Gas turbine,Hydro Turbine,Steam Generators,Oil field equipments,Boiler drumWater, wall panel & Wind mill are some of the Products of BHEL.

BHEL has Power Production installed equipment of over 90,000 MW for utilities & heavy Industries.BHEL aims at being one of the Largest Engineering Enterprise in the world.BHEL forms a part of the Heavy Industries in India,contributing in many major ways to the Economy & Industrial Growth.BHEL has around 40,000 + Enployees,Engineers,etc.

BHEL is a Public Sector Company & stand as a Proof that the Public sector Companies can be as or more Prosperous than their Private Counterparts in India.

BHEL is also known for Contributing to the Social Development in India through its many schemes & activities.

Today,The Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited company  stands as one of the many symbols of pride for the Indian  Core Industries.